Introducing Beautiful Gardens Flex Sheds

Beautiful Gardens Flex Sheds Delivery and General Information

A Beautiful Gardens Flex Shed is a truly uniquely designed building, which allows you to choose where you put your doors and windows, giving you the flexibility to have it exactly how you want it, without the hassle of bespoke ordering. Windows and doors can go in any position, on any side. Also available in a windowless version. A well braced single door can be right or left hand hinged. 


  • Superior Grade 12mm Finish Shiplap T&G Cladding
  • 28x44mm Finish Rounded Four Corner Framing
  • 12mm Thick T&G Roof and Floor -
  • No OSB / Solid Sheet Board
  • Delivery available in 3 Working Days

Your Shed Delivered:

Your Beautiful Gardens Flex Shed will arrive like this when it is delivered to you.

The pack contains all of the components you need to custom build your own shed.

Benefits of Beautiful Gardens Flex Sheds

  • Easy to manage and handle
  • Components fit through a standard single doorway
  • Easy Assembly

Delivery and Chargeable Areas

Beautiful Gardens Flex Sheds Delivery Areas
Please contact us for a quote on delivery costs if you fall into a chargeable area, thanks.

Shed Types & Variations

Different Types of Shed Design