Beautiful Gardens can now offer a wide range of Garden Sheds in differing styles. These include Shiplap sheds, Security sheds, Potting sheds, deluxe sheds and more. 

Please Note!

We currently have 2 shed and garden building suppliers BGSuper Sheds and BGFlex Sheds.

BGSuper Sheds are standard configuration sheds but you can submit window placements and other requests in advance. These tend to be the cheaper option of our 2 suppliers, are of high-quality construction and currently have more available sizes and types (shed, potting shed, beer hut etc), but as they are made from scratch have a 12-14 week delivery from order time!

BGFlex Sheds are unique in that they have modular panels meaning you the customer can change the design of your shed to suit your taste, Like BGSuper sheds they too are of a high-quality construction, they are the more expensive of the two suppliers but have a 7 day delivery time and of course more design flexibility. 

Please take your time to view both options and decide whether cost or delivery time is more important to you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch either through our Contact Us page or Live Chat!

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