Expert Series Author blames declining sales on Google

DG Hessayon, the world’s most successful author of gardening books has finally decided to hang up his pen after global sales in excess of 50,000,000 books.

A world of gardeners, myself included, have learnt and honed their skills and knowledge with help from Mr. H’s ‘Expert’ series of gardening books. Sadly he has decided that at 85 he is entitled to call it a day, and why shouldn’t he? He has spent a lifetime educating amateur and professional gardeners through the decades. The Lawn Expert, The Tree & Shrub Expert, and The Flower

Cover of "The Tree & Shrub Expert"

Expert were my lunchtime bibles when I first started in professional gardening, clearly written, concise, and well laid out, they told you everything you needed to know about a plant or process, and left out the fluff.

Mr. H blamed the internet and Google in particular for declining sales, and pointed out that 5 years ago the best-selling gardening books were how-to guides, but had now been replaced by showcase garden books, he said “To write a bestseller now you need to choose something you can’t look up on Google.” As well as “The garden reference book market has declined because of the internet. If you have a problem, you go on the internet. I pity anyone new coming into writing.”

Cover of "The Flower Expert"

David Gerald Hessayon studied botany and chemistry at Leeds University before he was awarded a PhD in soil science from Manchester University. Later on he became MD of Pan Britannica Industries, the creators of Baby Bio plant food.

While it’s a little sad that he’s no longer going to be writing, we still have his first rate reference books in the form of his Expert series, and if he ever did want to enter the digital age, he could always convert them to Kindle I guess, though with 50 million sales under his belt and living in a 25 room Georgian mansion with 27 acres of gardens, I guess he doesn’t really need the cash eh?

Of course if he ever wanted to help me out and become an online expert, I guess I could accommodate him here :o) So from me personally, a big thank you to Mr DG Hessayon, for all the joy and knowledge you have provided over the years!

Thanks for reading, Paul.