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Hi, my name’s Paul Hoff and I’m the owner of

Rolling Stone Garden Services.

i have been maintaining high quality home & commercial gardens since 1996

I have been a professional gardener since 1992 when I worked for Michael Cutler of Oakwood Landscapes.

Mike was a consummate professional, and had very high, exacting standards for his employees. I quickly became hooked on this gardening thing and began studying all I could on shrubs. perennials, lawns, anything I could get my hands on.

I watched all the gardening programs, read the books and magazines, and within 7 months Mike began giving me gardens to look after on my own. A few months after this Mike made me a team leader, and from there I never looked back!

Fast forward to 1995, Mike was struggling with the day to day running, and working of a very busy gardening business, and decided to sell the round that I ran with another gardener. He offered it to us both to run as a partnership which Iwas really up for, however my gardening partner wasn’t keen and declined. This left me with the prospect of losing out, so I asked Mike to sell it to me on my own. It was a struggle raising finance, but I managed it, and in the March of 1996 was running my very own professional gardening business. I was extremely busy as i had bought a full round of clients, the van, and a full complement of hand tools and machinery.

Everything was chugging along nicely, but in the very hot summer of 1999, i had an accident on my mountain bike, broke my collar bone, half of which ripped out through my skin, the other half punctured my lung, i also had a badly damaged shoulder. I had a week in hospital having my lung drained, and after a month i returned to work. However all was not well, i was in a lot of pain and struggling to keep up with the demanding schedule. A few months later i took the difficult decision to sell the business.

I went to work in an office as a Technical Assistant in a Groundcare company, met my better half, Zoe, (now my wife) and in 2001 left the company to buy another gardening business. Together we built a really strong business, Rolling Stone Garden Services Ltd, i trained up an apprentice, employed another full-time gardener, as well as 2 sub-contractors that carried out landscaping and other works for me.


Garden Maintenace Contracts

Lawn Mowing

Hedge Trimming

Weeding& Pruning

New PLants & Bulb Planting


In 2005 my full-timer left to return to London, so i took his place back on maintenance, then in 2007, my apprentice (by now fully qualified) handed his notice in to work in the commercial gardening industry. That was the last straw for me and so i sold the contract side of the business to one of my sub-contractors. Work-wise it was a great move as i kept just 3 large clients, and this gave me more flexibility in my gardening, however financially it was a big mistake as none of these clients was on contract, so if i didn’t work, i didn’t get paid, we then had 3 very bad winters and we lost a lot of money!

In 2009 Zoe became seriously ill after the birth of our second daughter, Isabelle, which meant more time off work looking after our 3-year-old and a baby! In 2010 i gave in, and went to work in a local office as a web marketing manager (a man of many talents eh?). this went well for a couple of years with me setting up a limited company working from home as a marketing consultant, but the gardening life beckoned again…

As this is getting to be a long story, I will cut to March (2013) of this year, and the rebirth of Rolling Stone…

“Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years!”

While that may be true, it can also be hard, and sometimes tedious work! Let me take the strain of the hard and boring work, while you do the fun stuff, or just sit out and enjoy…

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